Even More Ghost Pirate Costumes

zombie pirate costume mens detailAhoy there, me barnacle-bashing treasure-seizing pirateers! Ye’ll be tickled to have landed on this ‘ere page seein’ as the crew has been scouring the skeleton strewn seas in search of yet more ghost pirate costumes to spread before your glittering eyes.

This ‘ere Zombie Pirate Costume is just a wee taste of what’s to come. The man’s in tatters to be sure and so will you be. But pay close attention to the face. That’s no mask, so if you want to look as scary and zombie-out as that, be sure to dip into the zombie make-up drawer.

kids zombie pirate costumeSo if Dad is going for the churchyard dusty gray look, what about junior? Well, this kids zombie pirate costume will make a colorful character of any lad.

kids zombie pirate costume mask detailDraw close, dear friend, lest you miss the intricacies and special touches that give this costume its stand-out appeal.

Taking it from the top, there’s a natty red bandana, a scab-ridden, thoroughly grotesque face mask, distinctive pirate-style jagged jabot (that’s the ruffly collar cum shirt thing), blood-red pants, black long-tailed jacket spine-tinglingly creepy bone gloves, barnacled arm stump with hook – which doubles up nicely as a back scratcher.

kids zombie pirate costume barnacle stump and hook detail

kids zombie pirate costume bone glove detailkids zombie pirate costume boot cover detailAnd finishing off this head to toe masterpiece a pair of leathery old boot covers for a genuinely decrepit look.

Dare ya to spend a moonlit night with that skull-chomping zombie marauder!

Ghost Pirate Ghoul Adult CostumeNow if the sight of that hook, send shudders of excitement down your spine and makes your flesh creep with the desire to frighten the landlubbin’ neighbors and friends, ye’ll be heartened by this Pirate Ghoul Adult Costume. Clap your eyes on that there hook. What a beauty!ghost pirate ghoul costume mask detail

Aside from the meat catcher, there’s a latex skeleton mask with attached red bandana (anyone notice a theme here), black tunic and the piece de resistance as French pirates would say: an outer garment that gives the wearer the instant appearance of having been dredged from the deep and hidden in a dark musty cellar for a couple of centuries. Just what the cap’n ordered!

Don’t forget, if you’re masquerading as a sea-faring fellow, you’ll need a plentiful supply of tales to keep the crew entertained. So why not dip into the lore of Florida’s treasure or learn a pirate poem to sputter through those festering teeth.

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